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From Zero To Infinity

In our first year of business, we had no idea where we would land. We just knew God had our back and it was simple — Our passion was to design and create websites people like you could be proud of.  In our second year, we started redefining how we could improve what we offered. How we could make your experience and the resident experience beyond what you could ever imagine.

You’re In Good Hands

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Our Company Values

Our promise to you is a commitment that we not only would provide you, but to ourselves as well. As the old saying goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Matthew 7:12

God Centered

In 2020 we started this company with a partner. That partner was God, and we asked him to help us grow this company. We haven’t looked back since. 

Quality Results

What good is the work if it isn’t quality? Every client we take on get’s the best of us. We treat every client project like a masterpiece meant for your satisfaction.

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Honesty & Integrity

Let’s face it, contracts are great, but we hold true to our word even after the project is done. We take care of you and make sure you’re satisfied.

Relationships Matter

A company is only as strong as it’s core values. Our core values make it possible to deliver quality results to each and every one of our clients. 

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Customers will never love a company unless the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek

Our Mission

The Rodesi Co. family believes in faith, progress, and growth. The young agency has reached various milestones in less than two years, but nothing stops us from pursuing and achieving better solutions. We intend to become the top choice for Park Operators in just a few short years.

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We’re a growing team made up of personalities that are fun, driven, and goal oriented individuals around the world. 


The creative team behind the curtains.

We Commit To Our Craft

Our craft is our lively hood, as your craft, is yours. We take our professionalism and work seriously.

We Lead With Optimism

The foundation of our successful culture is our ability to tackle all obstacles with optimism.

We Embrace Differences

Every project is unique, as is each brand. We understand the elements that define and set apart brands.

Aaron Chachamovits

Aaron Chachamovits

Founder & CEO

Melinda Chachamovits

Melinda Chachamovits

Executive Admin

Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan

Director of Content Marketing

Faysal Ahmed

Faysal Ahmed

Brand Identity Architect

Want to Learn More About Rodesi Co. And Our Career Opportunities?

We’re growing and expanding quickly and you know what that means! We have openings for multiple positions and are looking for top-talent individuals who have a passion for growth and success.

We build, design and maintain Mobile Home Park and RV Park websites for park operators across the Nation. Our specialized web development solutions for MHP & RVP operators are custom tailored for every park owner. 

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September 26, 2023

We’re launching our newest solution October 1st, 2022 — ParkWeb™. Learn more about our latest release here.